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soorty denim lovers

Denim, denim, denim – a word that obviously is overused all over the fashion industry and not only – to be honest, it totally deserves all it’s buzz regarding the very important place on catwalks and, also, in our wardrobes. Denim is a timeless concept, a “piece of material” that never seems to fade away. Today I’m going to work my way up to showing you how important it is to know the basics of denim and, most important, to know how to rock it out.

soorty mirrorAs you can see, I am wearing a super relaxed, “stress-less” outfit for today that is all focused on the denim jacket from Soorty. I had the opportunity to discover this amazing brand and I’m in love with the quality of the beautiful products. After three decades of hard work, sweat and devotion, today Soorty is among the denim leaders. It creates authenticity and innovation combined with unparalleled industrial knowledge. The company has a strong history of delivering unprecedented quality and service.

soorty blueThe material of the jacket is very comfortable to wear and it allows me to move however and how much I want and, of course, to dance around, as always (shhh, don’t tell anyone). Furthermore, the material seems to be extremely flexible and qualitative. The jacket has a great fit and it looks great in all different styles. I can, by the way, brag a little about the “LOW-KEY” logo on the back because it happens for me to have a personalised denim jacket, so THANK YOU, Soorty!

soorty hair


geaca soortyI guess it’s all about the attitude, as always. Denim can be so versatile and popular, as I have already said, but despite the fact that we see it everywhere, it might get a little bit tricky to find that one perfect piece to fit you the best – if you feel good, you automatically look good, so it’s pretty important to search, search, search.

soorty wood

sooortyYou can look up on their webpage to find more information. I would definately recommand this brand for a professional taste in denim work and some fashionable pieces that will never go out of trend!

Also, stay tuned for my next article about denim pieces in collaboration with Soorty. See you soon!


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